History of Foreign Relations of the Chinese Empire 1

History of Foreign Relations of the Chinese Empire 1


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After Thomas's "History of Foreign Relations of the Chinese Empire," a total of three volumes, the first volume was published in 1910, and the remaining two volumes published in 1918, Thomas (1855-1933) was an American, Harvard University graduate, he went to China Hurd long under the control of the British Chinese customs service, as Hart's cronies, participants are a lot of secret work, to grasp a lot of first-hand information. So he wrote the book, a research of modern Chinese history, especially the history of the most important foreign relations reference materials. As the famous American scholar John King Fairbank said, many new studies are just on the basis of the above Thomas, made a local supplement. Of course, as mentioned above, although the authors attempt to give the reader the impression of impartiality, but its position is extremely distinctive, colonialists sheets for the purpose.
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