History of Chinese Thought

History of Chinese Thought


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Originally were placed in front of the first volume and the second volume, entitled "The wording of the history of ideas" and "continued writing the history of ideas", the purpose is to explain and explains the research point of view, the data choice, writing ideas, reprinted now, put them together in volume, collectively, the "Introduction: writing the history of ideas."
With the "written" in the title; discussed here does not mean just a writing strategy, because of the different wording of the history of ideas behind. There are always different concepts, ideas and methods of change often means changing the wording of the concept study of the history of thought, ideas and methods. That some major theoretical and methodological issues concerning Studies in the History of Chinese thought 史成哲 discussed here, such as how to think about the history of ideas should be between the elite and the general knowledge of the classical world of ideas thoughts and beliefs world knowledge, knowledge of history and the history of ideas and It should be how to explain to each other what the ultimate basis of ancient Chinese thought or basic presets are; history of ideas of how to change the traditions of the past should be written and full of discipline chapter structure of textbook to trace the real context and spirit of the history of ideas; thought whether age should describe the history of the so-called "no idea", and in no place to see art to painting; historical memory as traditional knowledge and ideas on how to become a new resource in the re-interpretation of the idea, and thus created the continuity of the history of ideas ; study the history of thought in how to treat and use archaeological discoveries and cultural information, and so, finally, "Introduction" is also discussed in a post-modern theory of history gradually into the Chinese context, it should be how to understand and limit the significance of the theory of resources and boundaries.
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