Aug 27, 2014

History of Buddhism


This book is a general history of Buddhism in the world, with time as the warp and weft in the region and the country as a comprehensive and systematic introduction to Buddhism generation, development and spread of history. The book is written, the time limit begins with the ancient pre-Buddhist Indian social conditions produce, beyond Modern Buddhism in the West spread and impact.
Content written by the original Buddhism, school of Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Northern Buddhism (including Chinese Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism) commenced widely involved in various sects and sectarian doctrines, classics, characters, Sengzhi, Monk job etc. while concurrently and Buddhist festivals, rituals, stories, shrines, monuments, architecture, literature, art, and so on. In a comprehensive study of Buddhism at the same time, the book is also on the relationship between Buddhism and the political, social, economic, cultural, made ​​a profound analysis of some important historical events and major academic issues but also made ​​a lot of new insights.
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