Business Etiquettes 2

Business Etiquettes 2


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Chinese nation has a history of five thousand years of civilization, known for famous ceremonies, culture and education has a long history of traditional etiquette. Following 承周礼 Confucius, the development of "benevolence" ideology, "respect" for the kernel to "gift" in the form of constructed Confucianism, since then, become a ritual form of Chinese social life in the formation of long-term relationships , as a measure of a person and the availability of low moral standards upbringing scale. With the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation pace, learning Chinese culture, speaking tradition, Xing etiquette, common practice, etiquette has permeated all aspects of social life, people exchanges, work and life, always inseparable from the ritual. Since the early 1990s, I began to open the school public relations courses for undergraduates and published textbook "public relations." Only one-half the length of the book talked about "public relations etiquette." Beginning of the 21st century, we set up a "Business Etiquette" course at College of Business Administration various professional. According to years of teaching practice, the formation of ten speaking script. On this basis, we read a lot of etiquette literature, screening and refining, written into this "business etiquette" materials. The contents of the textbook etiquette issues involved individual, family, social, and other aspects of the workplace. I hope students through learning, an overview of etiquette profile, master ritual knowledge, improve their quality and accomplishment, becoming a model for compliance with the protocol.
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