Business Etiquettes 1

Business Etiquettes 1


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"Business Etiquette" writing style throughout "module - sub-modules - learning context - Training Scene - Example task," the main line, visually introduced 10 modules, respectively, followed by an overview of business etiquette, business people image design, business contacts etiquette , commercial work etiquette, business communication etiquette, business visits and hospitality etiquette, business etiquette dinner, special events etiquette, job etiquette, business etiquette negotiations.

"Business Etiquette" Practical Teaching salient features designed vivid and specific, easy-to-operate "instance Tasks", elaboration of business etiquette concise, brief, popular, practical, avoid long-winded, so easy to understand, informative specific financial theory , practical, informative and maneuverability in one.

"Business Etiquette" not only can be used as general education students in the professional colleges etiquette lesson materials, but also as a public relations staff, marketing staff and the majority of employees and other business people understand the etiquette, etiquette master and improve literacy training books and self-study reference books.
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