A History of China's Folk Religions 2

A History of China's Folk Religions 2


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Folk religion belongs to one aspect of the underlying cultural systems, but with the upper ruling ideology associated with great accuracy, is an important part of Chinese traditional culture, which constitutes the bottom of the masses of millions Benedict sincere belief, affecting all regions folk, folk , the lower people's way of thinking, way of life. It formed the Chinese character also played a significant role on the medieval religious life, political life played a significant impact. The book on it from the Han Dynasty, the next stop in the Qing Dynasty. Number involving dozens of popular folk underlying social sects, for those who like it to Maitreya, Manichaeism, White Lotus, Luo teach, Trinity teach, teach vegetarian, smelling teach, teach gossip, Huai Hin Road and so on. Their origins, evolution organization, doctrine, canon, and the relationship between religion and social politics of each, are one means the plan and literature. The book cited more than 3,000 historical, many of whom are former or with the file on behalf of foreign researchers and treasure no volume. The book cited the official books, research notes, Miscellany, and up to 300 Chinese and foreign scholars. The author is writing the book, go to Sichuan, Fujian, Henan, Hebei, Shanxi provinces, a lot of field investigation and evidence gathering, devoted 10 years of effort. This book uses a combination of research methods History, reproduce two thousand years of Chinese feudal society to an underground kingdom of the true face of religion.
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