Zhengzhong's Shape, Sound, and Definition Dictionary

Zhengzhong's Shape, Sound, and Definition Dictionary


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Zhengzhong's Shape, Sound, and Definition Dictionary has grasped the essence of Han characters. This dictionary can fulfill the modern man's needs. With in-depth analysis of each Han character, it allows users to backtrack each character's origin and observe its development. This dictionary will help users recognize the mistakes often made in writing, learn to understand each character's deviation in spelling or pronunciation, and learn about the nine parts of speech and each words derivative, whether from borrowing or extension. So no matter whether you are teaching, researching or learning Chinese, this is a reference book you can't miss. ◎This dictionary has each derivations from Oracle Bone Script(jiaguwen), br(jinwen), Seal Script(xiaozhuan), Clerical Script(lishu), Cursive Script(chaoshu), and Semi-cursive Script(xinshu), showing the evolution of the characters-its shape. The correct pronunciation-its sound. References from ancient poetry to find the characters' definition-its meaning. These are the three basic elements of this dictionary. This dictionary also makes note of corrections on common mistakes in writing. This dictionary is no doubt the most basic and informative reference book for learning Chinese characters. It is also the archetype of the compilation of Chinese culture. For anyone who is using, learning or teaching Chinese, this is the most essential reference book.
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