Jul 8, 2014

The Forbidden City Treasure - Classic of Forbidden City

Forbidden City, originally the Ming and Qing dynasties of the palace. Palace building itself, is an important cultural relics in the history of art.
Album containing the Ming Dynasty palace legacy arts and crafts, there are porcelain Paradise, growth, million years subsection; Xuande, Jingtai paragraph steel filigree enamel; lacquer 10,000 calendar models pearl inlaid flat head case and so on. These objects are made ​​for future use, through the Ming and Qing dynasties have been stored in the palace.
The book is divided into bronze, paintings, porcelain, arts and crafts, embroidery five. Each class each have their own explanation. Although only selected artifacts Lou total one hundred, but since the Shang and Zhou and until the Ming and Qing, showing the Chinese culture and art development process and achievements.
The album contained the selected color heavy brocade weaving "Elysium map", peacock feather Caixiu gowns, embroidered tapestry plus "Nine Yang eliminate cold figure" is to choose from.
"Forbidden City Treasures" main elements: presentation in front of the reader this album is the fifth change Chenhou Zhen Bao museum artifacts on display exquisite atlas. It is not simply a pile of pictures, but after careful edited, the audience during the visit easily overlooked details of key cultural relics on display, the objects with the inscription inscriptions were enlarged or pass Billiton, with a lengthy introduction and concise heritage commentary, supplemented by carefully selected court paintings, without losing the data on the basis of sex and academic, emphasizing the beauty and form of binding lively. I believe this an album that not only helps the audience to better appreciate the exhibits, but on its own, but also has a special collection.
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