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Publish Administration


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The book is divided into four parts. The first part describes the fundamental issues of public administration, such as the concept of public administration, its origins and development, the main subject-based public management, and the difference between public administration and the traditional administrative model, private management and so on. The second part is the most important subject of public administration - a summary of management activities of government departments. On the basis of analysis of the introduction of economic assumptions on government departments operating characteristics, performance and corrective methods to address government failure; in the path of a specific government management of public affairs and tool selection, each book popular in Western countries introduced market-oriented management approach . The third part introduces the other two public management body - public enterprises and non-profit organizations, the problems they faced and the direction of development of each is the focus of the book concern. The fourth part of the basic elements involved in the management, such as public policy, performance management, strategic management and human resources management, the book both from the perspective of the norms in the use of these management elements of the way the public sector, but also to address our public sector is currently using these management situation elements.
    This book is suitable public administration undergraduate, graduate students in particular, the use of MPA. Of course, the materials are suitable for public management issues researchers interested in public administration and other readers, and provide effective theoretical guidance for practitioners higher levels of the public sector.
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