Mixing Cocktails: A Guide

Mixing Cocktails: A Guide


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"Cocktail Techniques" Black Russian, Dry Martini, Pink Lady, Margaret, Alexander, to introduce grass grasshopper, smooth, ingredients heaven and earth, the four Xilinmen other 20 kinds of cocktails, modulation techniques by Beijing Grand Hotel bartender operation and demonstration of the steps clear, action norms, to understand learning, available for restaurants, karaoke bars, bartender and home use and reference.
     Cocktail is one, two kinds of spirits as the base wine, together with a different perfumery, flavorings or other beverages, by shaking, transfer, mixing methods, such as blending, mixing up a kind of color, smell, taste and specific style of alcoholic beverages.
Written by Ma Tini Cocktail Competition China International Division title, the Portuguese International Bartending Association
Awarded to outstanding professional bartenders Certificate of Chen Hao. The book describes the cocktail
Common sense, teaches the use of specific foreign wine cocktail approach 240 models, and how to install
Pai reception, how to match wine and food, and how to identify the quality of wine tasting and knowledge.
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