Mechanical Professional English graphic tutorial

Mechanical Professional English graphic tutorial


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This book focuses on English teaching mechanical engineering focus, namely specialized vocabulary / jargon to learn, abandoned chapter, sentence, traditional teaching grammar through pictures, graphics, follow English-control mode, the system introduces all kinds of names involved in mechanical engineering , nouns and verbs. Covering all types of thermal processing and manufacturing process for cold, ranging from traditional to non-traditional manufacturing technologies new technology and modern manufacturing technology and equipment and a variety of spare parts, tools, appliances, measuring graphical presentation. Pictures mainly from domestic and foreign original professional teaching materials, the content of systematic, comprehensive, concise image. Has been studied for professional courses students can achieve, "Reviewing the Old", for non-native class professionals can learn to play simple terminology, names, and know all kinds of mechanical parts, structures, equipment and processing methods of action, easy to cut the actual work.
This book is not only suitable for mechanical professional colleges and higher professional English teaching in secondary vocational schools, and for non-local specialty (such as foreign language professional, foreign trade, commerce and professional) of all walks of life, industrial and mining expertise personnel engaged in technical translation, technical exchange, import and export trade, work with learning, reference values ​​and data accumulation and other practical value.
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