International Trade Theory and Practice

International Trade Theory and Practice


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The book is "Theory and Practice of International Trade," third edition, which include international trade theory, foreign trade policies and measures, WTO, international trade terms, the principal terms of international trade contracts, international trade in goods program, international trade and so on. Third edition adds a chapter of regional economic integration, adding the latest developments in technical barriers to trade, environmental barriers and services trade barriers. In addition, to facilitate student learning, deeper understanding and grasp the contents of the book, each chapter in the arrangement of the contents of a small increase in knowledge, mini-stories, examples and small discussions. The book is a complete structure, content novel, focused, concise, the theoretical and practical operability combined. Book for institutions of higher education finance and economics, management undergraduate, graduate and Master of Business Administration (MBA) education, can also be used as the majority of Economic Management, business personnel training materials.
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