International Trade Theory and Practice

International Trade Theory and Practice


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The book details the various classical and the latest theories of international trade, but also a collection of relevant and practical knowledge of the typical cases of anti-dumping areas. Compared with other similar books relating to the introduction of anti-dumping most important feature of the book, the book sort of anti-dumping field theory, history, and analyzes some of the classic cases, thoughtful manner proposed anti-dumping prediction model. This book is concise, systematic introduction to the theory of international trade. Policy. Rules, practices, trade measures. Trade. Content practical operation, as far as possible to reflect the outcome of international trade and frontier areas of China's foreign trade development, especially in the analysis explores how to deal with China's export enterprises are facing the problem of trade friction. The arrangements for the preparation of the content, the content of international trade theory, policy and practice of international trade by combining theory with practice highlights, more comprehensive, systematic and completely meet the needs of teaching. For the characteristics of the writing style of teaching, with the extension of reading, character introduction or case study as a supplementary learning materials to guide students in-depth study... Book research funded "by the National Natural Science Foundation of China,"
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