Jul 14, 2014

Import and Export Trade Practice Tutorial


"Import and Export Trade Practice excellent tutorial" is a small finance foreign trade business principles and rules of operation as one of the excellent tutorial. The innovation embodied in this tutorial teaching content of teaching and learning phase separation, that content should be considerably less than teachers to teach the content of self-study, improve self-gravity in this tutorial, in order to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching.

"Import and Export Trade Practice excellent tutorial" to "import and export business practices and related rule of law" as the research object, and that "Wings" of the study, "one" or "terms of the contract to develop", "wings" were "contract agreed "and" breach of contract performance and relief ", where" terms of the contract to develop "the body is the key, the key difference between this course and other related courses lies. "Import and Export Trade Practice excellent tutorial" content to international trade principles as a guide to the rules-based international trade, import and export business of the main line to be launched as the center of trade contracts, this contract towel tightly around the heart, the center of outstanding contracts status and the central role, and as commanding book.

The "Import and Export Trade Practice excellent tutorial" style arrangement, highlighting the "capacity-building" to increase the proportion of skills training, each chapter has a "learning objectives and requirements" and other columns, the section marked "proficiency test", in addition also added some reading material and accessories appendix (mainly operating training and trade rules). Each chapter are interspersed, coherent foreign trade business principles, operations and rules aimed at: (1) make the reader aware of the key elements of each chapter: (2) increase the reader's perceptions; (3) to promote further reflection, refining. The ultimate goal of all this is to make the reader systematically and organically out of u master the basic principles involved in the business, operations and regulations.
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