Guangdong Seasons Sugar

Guangdong Seasons Sugar


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Cantonese are like drinking sugar water throughout the year, especially in summer staggering. They believe there is moist and refreshing dessert, Sheng Jin Yi body effect. Cantonese those pot system some herbs, legumes, fruits, pasta, and then transferred to sugar foods, pan-called sugar. This book describes the Guangdong sugar production materials and system of law, together with the characteristics of sugar per channel and efficacy tips, beautiful pictures so that you wanted to read something handmade. Sugar are described in this book is simple and easy to do, and very practical, willing to readers from book syrup found in fun.

In the dessert foods, sugar is the most common one. It is delicious, and making simple features make it by many people. Especially Cantonese favorite. In the streets of Guangzhou, there are many dessert, dessert shop, operates a variety of species of sugar. The basic method of making sugar water is simple, but with some of the practices and materials is very particular about. Even edible sugar season, there is a certain knowledge for the crowd. This book is a more comprehensive description of the lives of Guangdong sugar Method book. Features introduced 86 kinds of Guangdong sugar production methods, including both the public familiar with the species, such as kelp green bean, red bean ice, there are some varieties we usually less contact. In this book, the editors of the 86 kinds of sugar into spring, summer, autumn and winter seasons, according to the different characteristics of each season that are suitable for every season summed sugar consumption, to provide readers with a reference at the time of production. In addition, the editors added sugar Tips in each system of law, so that when you eat sugar to eat healthy.
Guangdong seasons sugar
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