Graphic Odd Fighters Daquan

Graphic Odd Fighters Daquan


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Kỳ môn độn giáp đồ giải toàn tập
"Miracle Fighters" is a classical Chinese writings, also legend, Liu Ren, Tai treasure in the three largest occult, is the highest level of the I Ching predictions, known as the emperor of the study, but also for the world wins good fortune to learn, but also on the celestial, and the movement of the Earth's scientific work, while the Earth's magnetic field is hidden among the Miracle Fighters, and then it changes things in the universe, revealing the development of the laws of nature are the most profound, the most accurate and practical. "Miracle Fighters bible" in the form of drawings easier to understand so that everyone Miracle Fighters.
Qi Men Dun Jia Rong Zhou Yi, astronomy, law calendar, yin and yang theory in one, is currently exploring Chinese traditional decision-making science a focus. In the decision to learn a variety of ancient science, Qi Men Dun Jia is a more complete mathematical model, high fulfillment rates. It is the climate, geography, and the impact on human life and production of certain energy field, with time, the combination of space cleverly together, providing people with a three-dimensional mathematical model as a dynamic simulation of the universe unified information field, and both can be used decision nature, society, all kinds of things in life, you can stay out of trouble time and space to provide people with choice.
In order to promote the Chinese culture, and better use of traditional Chinese Decision Sciences in essence, to make a more comprehensive and accurate decisions, we published a book, the book of "ancient and modern books Integration" Department of the Ministry of the number of patients to test seventeen chapters twenty chapters introduce the Miracle Fighters knowledge of the master copy, and its done feeds and vernacular vernacular graphic, so if the bible text to be popularized, people Qi Men Dun Jia able to understand the relevant knowledge, but also to it can be studied in depth.
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