Graphic Mansion three books

Graphic Mansion three books


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Graphic mansion three books (China's first real home feng shui classic) ": In recent years, more and more people pay attention feng shui home, when luxury villa renters, home buyers face bamboo shoots skyscrapers or walls when Shen Yuan , always seems to have no choice, cramming, blindly seeking knowledge from or related to feng shui books on the network, and sometimes even be misleading because everyone different, because ancient complex and can not understand the incomprehensible. Compared with this, the "geography Five tactic" author Zhaojiu Feng Qing Feng Shui masters book "mansion third," It is one of the most authentic, classical Feng Shui combat the easiest operation. Its original "three to" concept has been firmly established, and advocate a good residential doors must meet, master bedroom, kitchen, or more than three and five elements. Mansion is described as "three to" fortune and personnel related to the rise and fall of housing each family. "Three to graphic mansion" that is Wencheng Church Edition "mansion three to" as a libretto, was carefully point calibration and edited to straightaway modern vernacular of the original book content translation and interpretation, and according to original content appropriate segmentation section finishing. The greatest feature of this book is to feng shui theory mysterious deep into modern times and feng shui apartment instance, and the image of the apartment with 128 maps, illustrations, vivid and easy to understand, easy to operate, trying to give readers easy feng shui master tips on choosing the perfect good sized, creating a good family house operation.
◆ real authentic Feng Shui: As long as the door to the master bedroom and kitchen, or more than three and five elements, which are the perfect feng shui of the house.
◆ units encompassing guide: 128 image-family legend, taught you to choose to avoid fierce guitar, everyone can understand, and everyone apply.
 ◆ scientific precision ten Kat units: 64 units in Gua Quanji only 10 units, easy to identify, quasi a right for you.
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