Fully Illustrated Cat Psychology

Fully Illustrated Cat Psychology


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Cat character independent and do not like to be bundle, but many people do not understand this, often with self-righteous thinking to explain the behavior of cats, dogs to cats with experience, the result is of people trapped "cat" lack both are subject to a deep damage. In fact, cats are pets and people close to, as long as you give it more understanding and attention, it will use all of the body and mind to love you in return for your kindness.

This book is your key to open the door to the soul cat, content brings together the latest research in animal behavior expert, describes the knowledge cat to cat and cat habits exchanges, cats and other aspects of human communication, teach you to read cat psychology, cat mingle with the Cheats. On the plate layout, innovative use of the book "Text left" edit mode, with 300 pieces of hand-painted pastel illustrations interesting for you a complete analysis of the psychological cat, bring you happiness, efficient reading experience.

Every call, every movement is expressing its feelings, and you can understand it anyway? In its eyes, you are a mother, lover, friend, and sometimes it's a child, it's not like your heterosexual friends, guests do not like strangers, but fear is a child, a cat society, there is hierarchy, there interaction rules, there social Party.

Interactive graphics, a look through, I wonder if the trend is not in the modern knowledge.

Likes and dislikes about the cat, the cat Revealed magical cat language translation, interpretation of the cat's quirks.

Understand cat psychology, in order to enjoy the fun of cats; recommend 300 pieces of hand-painted pastel illustration + animal behavior scientists; living personality to the game from the training, and it allows you to be affiliated.
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