Jul 14, 2014

Exhibition Management

"Exhibition Management" is one of the Higher Vocational Education Exhibition professional teaching, the Ministry of Education Vocational Education and Adult Education Department recommended textbooks. "Exhibition Management" is divided into eight chapters, the main contents include: an overview of the development of the exhibition industry, the basic theory of the exhibition management, process management exhibition, exhibition of human resource management, financial management convention, exhibition venues and facilities management, logistics management and exhibition Exhibition Information management.

"Exhibition Management" as vocational schools exhibition, tourism professional teaching books, but also as a reference book exhibition practitioners and job training books.

Pages Number: 144
Language: Chinese.
Publisher: Higher Education Press
Pub. Date :2004-09-01.
HML is the Ministry of Education. Vocational Education and Adult Education Department recommended materials. Event Management is divided into eight chapters. including: the development of exhibition industry overview of the basic theory of event management. process management. exhibition. exhibition of human resources management. financial management. exhibition. convention and exhibition venues and facilities management. Logistics management. and exhibition information management. Event Management can be used as vocational schools exhibition. tourism teaching book. but also as a reference book exhibition employees and job training book. Contents: Chapter exhibition exhibition industry development concept outlined in Section II the process of development of exhibition industry chapter Questions for review the basic theory of event management basic theory of Section II of Management Exhibition Management Thought Questions for review Chapter III Section Conference Exhibition Process Management Process Management Process Management Section III Convention and Exhibition Security Management Questions for review Chapter Exhibition
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