Electronic Commerce

Electronic Commerce


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E-commerce as a new major application areas of the Internet, is growing at the speed of development of incalculable influence and change all aspects of social and economic life. Government, enterprises and individuals should be aware of e-commerce technology from different aspects in order to adapt to the information society. The purpose of this book is a comprehensive introduction of e-commerce applications and related technologies. The book is divided into ten chapters, introduces the concept of e-commerce development and its impact on social and economic history, basic e-commerce functionality and classification of e-commerce - Internet and WWW, security and control methods of e-commerce, e-Business online payment tools, e-commerce is mainly related industries - online retail, online banking, online advertising, e-commerce application development process, and finally looked to the future of e-commerce and the development of countermeasures in the world and in our country.
The book is characterized reference materials and the latest technology and dynamic foreign trade e-commerce courses, comprehensive introduction to e-commerce technologies and applications, together with examples and exercises, both as a college graduate in Business Administration (MBA), related professional senior undergraduate commerce course materials, can also be used enterprises and institutions engaged in research and application of e-commerce reference management and technical personnel.
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