Creative Making of Cakes

Creative Making of Cakes


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Over fifty recipes are introduced, including the five basic cakes; sponge cake, butter cake, continental cake, cheese cake and chiffon cake. The instructions are illustrated with helpful photos. The recipe for "Vegetable Fruit Cake," which was awarded a prize for creativity by a famous Swiss food company, is also presented. With his easy and specific steps for making cakes, readers can quickly acquire the cooking skills necessary to bake professional-style cakes at home.

Western-style cake flavor unique method of making a genuine professional baking recipe secrets of the world's champion as nausea, traditional skills and creative passion collision villain novel sight, smell, taste wonderful combination.
World Baking Champion painstaking work, the traditional skills and new creative passion collision, wonderful combination of sight, smell, taste! This book is one of the series "baking classroom", specifically describes the method of making a sponge cake, butter cake, decorated cake, cheese cake, chiffon cake and other creative Western-style cakes. 
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