Chinese Civilization 1 - Beginning social - Eastern Dawn

Chinese Civilization 1 - Beginning social - Eastern Dawn


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"Chinese civilization fax" Total full-ten, with a very eye-catching title of the book, in layman's vivid language, to analyze organic combination, incorporating the latest first-hand historical relics, brought together experts in years of research, exciting and briefly outline Evolution of Chinese civilization trajectory. Content-rich, illustrated, beautifully printed, scientific, systematic, informative and readable as a whole, is a cultural history of excellent readers.
1 kind and recovery image, showing aspects of life in primitive society. For example Beijingers life, primitive man's funeral, the original settlement morphology and organization, so as ancient history now eyes.
2 relics reveal little-known message, such as Hong Kong as early as six thousand years ago, there is human habitation and activity, but also from the unearthed jade, pottery, stone tools and other relics, and the Central Plains can be seen traces of cultural exchanges.
3 contents known to the fine details of a deeper, fresher perspective again, as the Hongshan Culture and Liangzhu Culture jade exquisite perfection, which reflects not only the residents of jelly temperament, it is right to focus on God and the monarchy reflect, the early appearance of a national symbol.
4 plain text to replace the cumbersome chart data historical events, especially the complex relationship between culture graded each region, so that the historical process glance.
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