300 kinds of Shandong

300 kinds of Shandong


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Shandong is the representative of the Northern School of diet, very particular soup modulation, the "broth family", "sweet and sour Yellow River carp," the swan song worthy for food and fun.
Today the rapid development of Sichuan, the Sichuan Museum throughout the world. Its chili, pepper, pepper, creating a spicy, hemp, sour, painted Sunburn population, as other cuisine incomparable.
Cantonese dishes from Guangzhou, Chaozhou, Dongjiang dishes composed of three kinds of local flavor, are required to master the furnace and oil right into the dish clean and light, fresh and impressive, tender but not raw, not greasy oil.
Min chopper workers rigorous, fine finish, especially "bad": the most characteristic, the "pretenders", "steamed sea bream" in cooking have a seat at the altar.
Jiangsu cuisine focusing on color, exquisite styling, more dishes made ​​with duck prestigious. "Squirrel mandarin fish", "watermelon chicken" wonderful foothold there, the dishes were all fine.
Zhejiang cuisine exquisite fire power, heavy heavy color, such as its food scene, a lot of housekeeping dishes are from reality, Living, it is in the sights atmosphere goods "Xihucuyu", "Pork "enjoy the food culture of infinite charm.
Hunan Xiang good hot and sour, pay attention to affordable, its "spicy chicken", "rock candy lian" as representative.
Anhui is the choice of materials is characterized by simple, pay attention to fire power, heavy heavy color, full-bodied taste, keeping the original, in the art of good cooking roasting, stewing, and explosion, cooking less. The famous cuisine varieties of "Fuliji chicken", "milk fat jade fish", "Pteris shrimp row" and so on.
Today, we are from each Cuisine, the vegetables were selected out of 300 years, they have representation, practical, easy to learn, easy to operate, once read, had to do a great temptation. In fact, this is why we launched a series of mind.
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