300 Kinds of Jiangsu Cuisine

300 Kinds of Jiangsu Cuisine


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Jiangsu cuisine focusing on color, exquisite styling, more dishes made ​​with duck prestigious. "Squirrel mandarin fish", "watermelon chicken" wonderful foothold there, the dishes were all fine.
This book is one of the "new eight Cuisine" series, introduces the Jiangsu cuisine culled from 300 to grow vegetables in unusual materials and simple techniques to let you savor creative combinations of Jiangsu cuisine. These dishes are representative, practicality, feasibility, once read, had to do a great temptation.

300 kinds of Jiangsu cuisine life had to do editorial directory 1 basic information 2 Commodity Description Introduction recommended directory 1 basic information publishing house: Tianjin Science and Technology Translation Publishing Company; first...
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