300 Kinds of Anhui

300 Kinds of Anhui


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Anhui is the choice of materials is characterized by simple, pay attention to fire power, heavy heavy color, full-bodied taste, keeping the original, in the art of good cooking roasting, stewing, and explosion, cooking less. The famous cuisine varieties of "Fuliji chicken", "milk fat jade fish", "Pteris shrimp row" and so on.

This book is one of the "new eight Cuisine" series, introduces culled from 300 Slices of unusual vegetables raw and simple techniques to let you savor creative combinations of Anhui cuisine. These dishes are representative, practicality, feasibility, once read, had to do a great temptation. The book meat, vegetables, poultry, fish, classification schedule, listed separately for each dish Ingredients, accessories, spices, preparation method and characteristics of the content concise, easy to make, very suitable for home use.
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