Jun 12, 2014

Little Chef Gourmet Series: Delicious soup

There are "food world," said the Chinese food, face rapid pace of life in modern society, its traditional cooking methods being tested, think about such changes, Shandong Science and Technology Press published "Little Chef Gourmet> Food Art series.

This book describes the method of making crab corn soup, old lotus ribs soup, pickled fish ball soup, cucumber clams and other nutrient-rich broth soup is delicious.

Crab corn soup
Old lotus root spare ribs soup
Pickled fish ball soup
Cucumber clam broth
Sprouts white soup
Baby corn soup
Loofah lean meat soup
Pickled tripe soup
Mushroom soup shrimp balls
Shrimp melon soup
Clam soup
Horsehead miso soup
The four-color wood
Hibiscus chicken soup
West Lake beef soup
Barley tripe soup
Tubules soup
Burdock ribs soup
Chicken Vegetable Soup
Radish fish soup
Even soup
Fried chicken with chestnuts
Ginseng ribs soup
Wolfberry soup fresh perch
Homemade beef soup
Fish ball soup mushrooms
Papaya fish soup
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