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(Google translate) The world famous "King of the Valley", is a paradise for archaeologists. For thousands of years, here is Grave robbers who frequented the place. Here is the seat of the ancient Egyptian capital of Thebes, dating back to Cairo City, about 100 kilometers west. Since the Eighteenth dynasty of Egypt Pharaoh Thutmose I built the first here After a hidden underground tomb, his successors follow suit, went through about five centuries long Years, a total of more than 30 built Pharaoh's tomb.
Here the ancient mausoleum, as sacrificial lambs rich, ancient historical era, has been coveted by thieves who Goals. The belly beginning to discipline those ancient mausoleum almost no one is not harassment, looting.
However, the "King of the Valley", there is a tomb is very well preserved, preserved for posterity
More than 5,000 pieces of precious cultural relics. This tomb owner, is more than 3000 years Gouy third 18th Dynasty pharaoh Tutankhamun.

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