Hanyu Yuedu - Chinese Reading

Hanyu Yuedu - Chinese Reading


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" Chinese reading " There are twenty units , eighty texts . Where each unit consists of four related topics and text components. Since the nineties it mostly scattered in all kinds selected from authoritative newspapers, magazine articles . Covering contemporary thoughts and feelings , values ​​, lifestyle and today's information technology, health care, environmental protection, tourism and other fashion . Selection of the times and strive to have a distinct , rich knowledge and extensive fun. The book is a total of nearly more than two thousand entries and more than two thousand five hundred channels to explain exercises . Exercises designed to highlight the debate justice , understanding and thinking and trying to involve the comprehensiveness and integrity of the topic , there is a certain depth. After the book with the standard answer , do reference autodidact want to do a little work , can be no division in the circumstances, learn to improve Chinese. " Chinese reading " Introducing Ann language teaching ideas at the same time the author summarizes the Department of years of teaching experience , to better reflect the following guidelines : 1 , simplified grammar teaching ; 2 , highlighting the teaching of Chinese characters ; 3 , oral and written many things at once , etc. . " Chinese reading " the publication has been widely used , has received better teaching effect, the guiding ideology of teaching is also worth further study and learn in the future . Textbook is an important part of the overall teaching , teaching materials will have a direct impact on the success or failure of teaching. Chinese language teaching minority students , is a second language teaching , as a new discipline has its own unique characteristics and laws .

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