Dictionary of Chemistry

Dictionary of Chemistry


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The book introduces basic knowledge, important data and latest progress of chemistry, including inorganic, organic, analysis, materialization, polymer and other chemistry branches, and also including biochemistery, material chemistry, environment chemistry, radiation chemistry, mineral and geochemistry etc.. Content of entry can be divided into two following aspects: firstly conceptual noun, including theorem, theory, concept, chemical reaction, method and others; the other one is material noun, including typical and common chemical substances, introducing structure, property, preparation method and application. According to compilation requirement on the dictionary, starting from individual engaged chemistry branch field, concerning entry selecting, our 26 authors strive for selected entry to be important, or common, or novel or practical; concerning compilation of entry, strive for accurate and scientific content, words are concise and standard. Our wish is to jointly complete one practical chemistry encyclopedia under common collaboration just like 26 phonetic letters. 
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