Chinese Reading Course (pre-Intermediate)

Chinese Reading Course (pre-Intermediate)


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Dimensions: 0 x 0 x 0 mm , Paperback , 357 pages
ISBN10: 7561911114
ISBN13: 9787561911112
Publication Date: 2002-8
Annotation language: Chinese
Language skill: Reading
Level: Elementary, Intermediate
Category: 0
Medium: Paper
Format: PDF

This book is the Chinese reading materials suitable for more than one semester has learned Chinese and have mastered basic vocabulary of 800 students. This book is published in accordance with the agency in 1998, for foreign students 'English reading series' first volume and the second volume adapted from. In order to meet the needs of teaching hours in Xinjiang, the adaptation of the materials from these two books in the selection of 30 units, the synthesis of a book published. After each lesson text Peiyoutailiang strengthening exercises, very practical.

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