Mar 31, 2014

Magical Chinese Characters vol.1 - Full


As the subsequent product of Building Blocks for Learning Chinese Characters, this series of textbooks can be used independently or as supplementary materials. For each character, its form, meaning, writing method, usage and word formation are introduced in a scientific and practical way. The simple and interesting texts contain the many characters of the same radical, facilitating the students’ memorization and mastery of character.
Pages: 172
ISBN13: 9787561920220
Publication Date: 2008-3
Annotation language: English
Language skill:
Level: Elementary
Category: Chinese Textbooks for Children and Teenagers - Non-Chinese Origin
Medium: Paper, Audio CD

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Tina Hao,
May I have yhis book, please!
thank you

wow, thanks, I have this book but unfortunately I had lost the cards, now you have helped me a lot!

sorry, I have some problem to open the audios, it says that the password in not correct, can you help me, please?, thanks in advance

In general, the last 12 characters of the audio file name is the password. Goodluck!

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