Mar 21, 2014

Kuaile Hanyu (Happy Chinese) CD #3


This delightful CD-ROM set is suitable for both individual home study and computer classroom instruction. It is great on its own or as a supplement to the Kuaile Hanyu Textbook series published by the People’s Education Press. For ages 7 and up!

Key Features:

  • Systematic introduction and reinforcement of vocabulary and structures through multimedia features such as animated dialogues, videos, stroke-order animation, Pinyin pronunciation, and captivating games.
  • Highly relevant and age-appropriate topics with immediately useful language models, covering school, family, food, sports etc.
  • Comprehensive selection of Chinese characters and sentence pattern
  • Copy the password



    Tina hao,
    new link for this CD, please!

    thank you

    CD 3 with 5 part

    Part1 密码: zaxg

    Part2 密码: ihkb

    Part3 密码: fwa7

    Part4 密码: azph

    Part5 密码: n9ik

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