Mar 21, 2014

Kuaile Hanyu (Happy Chinese) CD #2


The Kauaile Hanyu Learning Chinese Software uses a spiral approach that reinforces and builds upon materials from previous lessons, and emphasizes speaking and comprehension. The situational video follows the experience of two foreign students during their stay with their host families in Beijing, as they make new friends, conduct daily activities and learn about cultural similarities and differences, Chinese etiquette and customs. Each video segment presents the Chinese vocabulary and structures from each lesson in context; it is a great way for students to gain practical knowledge of the Chinese language and culture. A variety of carefully developed game types incorporating vivid graphics, dynamic animation and sound effects makes language learning a positive and exciting experience.
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Tina hao,
request new link for this CD, please!

thank you

CD2 with 7 parts
Part 1 密码: z3vp

Part 2 密码: 9tkq

Part 3 密码: fzdv

Part 4 密码: 4sn3

Part 5 密码: xy73

Part 6 密码: 1py3

Part 7 密码: 2u2r

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