History of the Chin and Han Dynasties

History of the Chin and Han Dynasties


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This ebook in series "A pictorial general history of China" - No 05
Pages: 451
Size: 67MB
Format: PDF
Chinese History Illustrated (68 edition) of 11 large volumes (volumes 1 to 10, 12, missing a 11)
New New Culture Publishing ~ Su Zhenshen / editor of the school - horse first wake up / editors - people 68 years
1. Shang prehistoric age 2. 3. 4. Autumn 5. Zhou Qin and Han 6. Sui Wei and Jin Dynasties 7. 8. 9. Song Jin and Yuan Ming Dynasty 12. 10. Modern
Tibetan schools eliminated, coat corners have wear damage and there is a sticker school books, books side and some pages have printed school books chapters, and the book has yellowed spots.
The first 12 are scattered in front of the gutter and the first page red blank pages are removed, there are several blank pages stapled at the front have torn some and some staple was wired with scattered some, Volume 1 and 1 blank page sheet stapler at the tear tape affixed to live, missing a 11 Qing dynasty.
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