Happy Chinese Words Flashcards - Russian Ver.

Happy Chinese Words Flashcards - Russian Ver.


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Happy Chinese is part of a major project sponsored by Hanban. It is a set of Chinese teaching materials specially compiled for middle school overseas students aged 11 to 16, which has won the title “2006 Most Popular International Chinese Teaching and Learning Material ” and the title " Outstanding International Chinese Language Teaching Materials 2010" by Hanban. Kuaile Hanyu is also a beginning teaching materials of multi-language developed by Hanban in 2009,including a student's book,a teacher's book,a workbook,flash cards,wall charts and CDs, which has been designed,compiled,produced and published to suit the psychological level and learning requirements of students aged 11 to 16.The emphasis is on enabling the students to learn Chinese in natural conditions and to arouse their interest in Chinese,so as to lay a solid foundation for their studies.
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