Happy Chinese - Teacher's Books - Russian Ver.

Happy Chinese - Teacher's Books - Russian Ver.


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This series, a joint project of NOCFL and the British Council is published by the People's Education Press in August 2003. It aims at the English-speaking middle school students aged eleven to sixteen. Fun with Chinese focuses on the training of Chinese communicative competence, and also on motivating the learners. It is devoted to forming a solid foundation for the learners' further study.
The series consists of Student's Book and Teacher's Book. The Teacher's Book contains the instructional tips and exercises. Also available are other teaching products such as flash cards, maps for teaching, audiotapes and videotapes.
The series is divided into three levels. Each level consists of a course book (Student's Book) and a Teacher's book. There are six books altogether. Each book can be used for one school year, 90-100 class hours. The user can regulate the instruction according to the condition of students and teaching.
The content of the textbook and exercises have been designed according to the requirement of the NC and GCSE (2003). There are some necessary regulations and supplements based on the need of basic communication and the character of classroom teaching. The learners are expected to reach NC level 8 when they finish.
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