Elementary Chinese Course Part 4

Elementary Chinese Course Part 4


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The set of four-volume textbooks is to be used for foreigners to study Chinese with an Emphasis on the basic training of Chinese language. The learners will master the practical use of Chinese after repeated practices. Those with general knowledge of English can use it to learn Chinese. Tapes are available for the books.

Pages Number: 176
Language: Chinese .
Publisher: Peking University Press; 2 (July 1. 1993) .
Chinese Language Teaching Center of Peking University. prepared specifically for foreign students of Chinese textbook series is divided into three stages. namely First Course in Chinese. Intermediate Chinese Course and Chinese Advanced Course. Closely with the contents of the three stages. but have their own independence. for systematic color set of teaching materials. can also choose to use level and teaching needs. Teaching materials based on the principle of gradual and orderly arrangement. Focus on the primary stage of basic training. intermediate phase focused on consolidating and improving the use of Chinese language ability. advanced stage focuses on the development of independent reading skills of the original leather and situations. Note that text content and style of the diversity of broad themes. and strive to lively. reflecting the actual situation in China. but also on some aspects of traditional Chinese culture made the appropriate introduction. Each class has a considerable component of practice. to consolidate lessons learned through practice the words and grammar.
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