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Compounds Dictionary


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In order to make better use of the compounds for human services , people are eager to have a closing word broader, richer content , concise and useful compounds specialized dictionaries , and we especially organized scholars to write this dictionary .
Inorganic and organic compounds , including two parts. Some inorganic compounds closed 3929 , included 109 kinds of major elements and in general , common , important inorganic compound names , while newer reference compounds and inorganic compounds manual physical chemistry physical chemistry data listed in the table , space is limited, some of the novel compounds with compounds such as special cluster cOMPOUND laminated possible inclusion compounds etc. . Organic part of the received word 2652 , primarily included in general organic reagents and industrial raw materials , dyes , additives and pesticides. Each content generally include foreign names , chemical formula , molecular weight, physical properties , chemical properties , toxicity, presence , preparation method and uses. Common organic reagent in many organic synthesis, especially the nature of these objects have a more detailed description of the chemical nature , because they are chemically related to the product obtained by reacting with other agents . Industrial raw materials headword stressed their origin and purpose. Dyes, additives , drugs and pesticides are the product of fine organic synthesis , preparation methods and chemical properties of these entries is more complex, generally not detailed in the dictionary , highlighting its use. Is easy to find , attached to the end of the book entry word English-Chinese index.

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