Mar 24, 2014

Chinese Reading Course (Revised Edition) Grade 1 Vol.2 - MP3 CD

With 1 CD. Chinese Reading Course (Revised Edition) vol. 2 has altogether 20 lessons. Centering on the new characters appearing in Chinese Course vol.2, this book introduces the shape, sound, meaning and writing of these characters. It also explains and practices the various other aspects, including words, related phrases, dialogs, reading of short passages and exercises etc. This can lay a solid foundation for teaching Chinese reading.

"Chinese Reading Course (Volume 2) Revised language skills class grade textbook" is revised to retain the original writing style, with the "Chinese Course" amendments, modifications were made on a large vocabulary, words, texts and exercises, etc. . With "Chinese Course" Amendments to streamline the number of lessons, "Chinese Reading Course" Amendment One, two lessons streamlined from 60 to 50 lessons, 30 lessons first book, the second volume of 20 lessons.
To facilitate the students to better understand the text, cultivate language sense, revised text with a recording.
Log Beijing Language and Culture University Press Web site, you can download the free part of the exercise of the reference textbook answer.
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