Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus Level 4

Chinese Proficiency Test Syllabus Level 4


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New Chinese Proficiency Test (HSK) is an expert in foreign language teaching organization Hanban , linguistics, psychology and education in areas such as surveying , full investigation, to understand the actual situation of overseas Chinese teaching , considering the ordinary Chinese learning Chinese language learners and professionals persons , and differences on non- Chinese learners in China China Chinese learners , on the basis of absorbing the advantages of the original HSK , drawing on international tests in recent years, the latest results of research on the language of " international Chinese proficiency standards " as the basis , the introduction of a standardized international Chinese proficiency test . It follows the "test Combination " principle , the purpose is "to test and promote education" , " to test and promote learning" , it is not only concerned about the objectivity of the evaluation , accuracy, attention to the current level of the candidates , and candidates are encouraged to pay attention strategy how great importance to further improve and develop the ability of Chinese candidates . Meanwhile, the new HSK HSK maintaining the original function , and its results can still be used as an important basis for studying and enterprises in China , such as employing .
May 30, 2009 , the new HSK HSK ( a ) , ( two ) in the world's 39 trapped house , 72 Confucius Institute held a total of 3,696 candidates took the exam . The new exam has been an unprecedented warm welcome.
Feedback countries and is designed to be consistent with the new HSK . New HSK strive to become a "springboard " Candidates Chinese learning on the road , rather than the "stumbling block" ; whose difficulty is hard hop hop on the fingertips of candidates , rather than the unattainable ; was generally welcomed by the candidates , and not so formidable candidate ; are encouraging , but not eliminated in nature.
To achieve these requirements, the new HSK test level increased , providing six levels of written , expanding the coverage of the exam ; provide written three separate levels of oral and strengthen the ability of the test to hear ; identify specific vocabulary clear the exam objectives ; using pictures in the papers , and more interesting , closer to the actual communication ; in HSK ( a ) , ( two ) marked on spelling questions , reducing the difficulty of recognizing and reading Chinese characters .
Compared to the old HSK, HSK has a lot of new changes . These changes are adapted to the needs of Chinese Language Council International and the formation of the new situation , and expand the scale of the examination , in favor of the promotion of overseas Chinese , help " Chinese fever" continues to heat up, the world is conducive to enhancing understanding of China , and thus to follow the trend. " The poor are changed , change the pass ." Old HSK is seeking " accessible " and "change" for the new HSK, New HSK often new , it must be able to break new ground and create a greater world.
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