Chinese Grammar Without Tears

Chinese Grammar Without Tears


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This book is designed for foreign students at the elementary and intermediate levels. The book attempts, through examples and patterns, to explain structural features with which students typically experience difficulty in the course of their study of Chinese. Some chapters also contain notes on important points and common pitfalls. The grammatical explanations are given in Chinese with English translation, and example sentences are given in Chinese characters with Hanyu Pinyin transcription. An excellent reference book for Chinese language. Mr. Thomas Madden, Language Training Officer of the American Embassy, Beijing, helped with the English translation of the text of this book.

"Chinese-English condensed Chinese Grammar Without Tears" for foreign students with the level of middle-class Chinese grammar book written, it can serve as a condensed books, and prepare students with the investigation, as well as a textbook for students to learn to use. "Chinese-English condensed Grammar study manual" doesn traditional grammar system to arrange grammar items, but through examples and simple formula to explain grammatical difficulties encountered by students in learning. From the perspective of Chinese and foreign contrast, the book presents some considerations chapters or extremely prone to bias, to make it easier for students to grasp the characteristics and the basic rules of English grammar. "Chinese-English condensed Grammar study manual" to explain some with English translations, example sentences with Pinyin.

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