Chinese Course-Listening to News  - Audio CD

Chinese Course-Listening to News - Audio CD


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This course is the second generation of hearing Course materials : outstanding language skills develop and improve ; moderate language difficulty level ; using multimedia teaching ; content targeted ; increase extracurricular listening material . After completing this book , you can master more than 800 radio and television journalism and common structures commonly used words , more than 200 common Van sentence . For learners to master the use of more than 2500 words . The selected content is mainly television, newspapers , radio news release , the language specification , true, diverse subject matter , covering the contemporary Chinese economy, politics and many other areas , are concerned about the hot learners . The book style is: new words , practice , before listening tips, background knowledge, language knowledge and listening training . Recording text , practice answers , extracurricular listening material and vocabulary table attached to each book after book . The book is equipped with audio tapes 5 ( sold separately ) .
" Chinese Foreign language skills of undergraduate textbook series · · Grade 2 class materials : News Listening Course ( on ) ," the news content of the selected covers of contemporary China 's political, economic , diplomatic, military, cultural , infrastructure , transportation , trade, agriculture, science and technology many areas of education, justice , youth, marriage , social , etc., so that students master more than 800 radio and television news frequently used words in common structures.
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