A Coursebook on Pragmatic Translation

A Coursebook on Pragmatic Translation


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"English: Chinese-English translation of integrated application tutorial" in "English: Chinese-English translation of the tutorial application" based on the amendments made. Content includes an overview of translation teaching, practical style and translation functions and applications teleological translation, translation product types, technical translation, and trade translation, legal translation, news translation, advertising translation, tourism translation, political commentator translation.

Pages Number: 306 Language: Chinese English . Publisher: Shanghai Foreign Language Education Press Pub. Date :2008-06-01. English: Comprehensive English Course Applied Translation. in English: English Applied Translation Guide on the basis of amendments made. Includes an overview of translation teaching. practical style and translation. function and application of the purpose of translation. translation of the type of goods. technical translation. economic translation. legal translation. news translation. translation. tourism translation. political commentary and translation. Contents: Section I Chapter Zonglun translation of the main one. the translator s social role in the second. the creation of space and their translator. the translator of a translation teaching professionalism II to the second translation theory as a guide to the language contrasts the basis of three-to four-translation techniques for the trunk. integrated as a means to analyze the five needs of the market-oriented Questions Chapter practical utility Style and Translation Section II Style and Stylistics III practical style of System of Practical Style The main features of one or two informational. persuasive three anonymous translation of the fourth quarter requires a practical style. the right second. around three. four appropriate and efficient function of the purpose of Chapter Questions on the capabilities and applications Translation Section About the purpose of functional purpose of Section III with the equivalent deletion of the purpose and function of rewriting the fourth quarter of the purpose and application of translation and translation strategies in section V for a translation. the original language information. the second choice. the choice of the three translation strategies . Questions asked to determine the form of translation products of the type IV Section I Section II full translation of a translation. terse two differentiated three. avoid false translation of a translation of real change in section III. subject to political language Habitat II. III compliant system. follow the build of a fourth national culture. semantic coherence II. section III for justice. the text focuses V Summary (translated) I. II indicative abstracts. data Abstracts Third. the data of a Fully translated instructions Abstracts VI Chapter exercises Register Translation Section Technology Section II of the categories and levels of a specific technical writing. semantic objective two. three formal terms. structured four programmable III a general technical writing. word b plain. simple three-sentence. the use of appropriate rhetoric for a fourth translation. the word decent two phrases of the appropriate three or four decent sentence. paragraph of the appropriate translation of chapter V First. the convergence and coherence II. III layout. style and translation exercises Chapter VI Section stylistic features of a trade. the text of the style type II. three-word features. syntactic features section II. the principle of a translation. stylistic principle for two Section III corresponds to the principle of the term held to be a translator. the use of two four-character structure. the use of three business units language. adjust the four-sentence structure. word choice appropriate five. commonly used words

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