Old Beijing Life

Old Beijing Life


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In this book, the authors did not describe survival situation still like to go to Beijing in the past, the evolution of its industry's rise and fall, etiquette, fashion change, things change for every shadow years flowing inside. For example, the ancient cellars ice refrigeration industry, the past has been for the royal monopolies and exclusive, the author of the book describes in detail how the pit ice industry step by step by the government to private operators, by the Royal exclusive to the evolution of private shared , where the private sector is the Royal Prerogative pervasive, persistent step eroded layers Cancelled, people feel the era of decidedly stumble forward walking, reading to today, still thought-provoking.

Author: Huameng Yang, Zhang Hongjie edited
Publisher: Shandong Pictorial Publishing House
Published :2000-6-1
Revision: 1
Number of pages: 233
Word count: 120000
Printing :2001 -9-3
Paper: offset paper
I S B N: 9787806034521

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