Chinese Popular Fiction Appreciation Dictionary

Chinese Popular Fiction Appreciation Dictionary


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Tang 's book from the late Qing Dynasty more than a thousand popular vernacular novels , featuring nearly three hundred department for appreciation assessment, not only encompasses the entire ancient essence of popular fiction , but a lot of tolerance has some understanding of the value and aesthetic value of two or three work flow , the larger research community to break through the range of currently explored .
The book did not contain the original novel. If necessary, in appreciation, discretionary Comment text fragments cited particularly exciting to see the original style.
Each text can appreciate a separate chapter . Appreciation Comments sought to reflect the latest research results , but also the author's own ideas. And advocates of views.

Length    1362 pages
Subjects    Literary Criticism › Asian › General
Chinese fiction
Folk literature, Chinese
Literary Criticism / Asian / General

Contents :
Han Qinhu the words
Lushan far payphone
Leaf net energy words
Big Tripitaka learn Poetry
Five Dynasties words
Vision and Romance
King Wu Dialect
Three Storytelling
Beijing popular novel
Three Kingdoms
San Sui Ping Yao
Viewpoint on residual Tang
Biography of Milarepa
Kong Shengzong division came Biography
Xionglong Feng print and publish the novel four kinds
Journey to the West
Golden Lotus
Zhaoyang interesting history
At least Paul Zhong Cui Biography
Southern Travels
God Zhenwu founder northern Tien Chi Chuan origin
Sin provenance Journey to the East
Nanhai Guanyin practice birth biography
Western Admiral Popular Romance
Tang Zhong Kui Biography
Curse date in mind
Feijian note
Cycads note
Twenty-four enlightenment Lohan Biography
Yang Chi Chuan Fu Generation Tadao Romance
Two things Jin Zhi Chuan
Continued Heroes
Ancient and Modern Fiction
An Immortal Biography
Awaken the common saying
Zen really Itsushi
Cautionary dream of yin and yang
Of surprises
After the true history of Zen
Emperor Yanshi
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