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"Eat Zhuer" What is the meaning of this title? In Beijing, there are a lot of people called "eat Zhuer." "Eat Zhuer" not cook, they have a "creed", you understand this "creed", you know the "eat Zhuer" is unique.

Introduction "eat Zhuer", you can not neglect how they buy, how to do, how to eat all kinds of stress. These dishes are mostly useless book describes what precious raw materials, some of which are old Beijing dishes while rare today, some by "eating Zhuer" improved and distinctive, more so destined taster obsession, newspaper text is often Recommend this is only one of the huge capital. Fortunately, the production of these vegetables essence, the authors described as purse granted. If you follow the practice, you can also become a "eat Zhuer."

Wang Shixiang heritage experts about the father and the daughter of two homes for the elderly to eat Zhuer old story
Reproduction and life style of old Beijing's side banner from the "eat Zhuer" in the year of living side can understand the style of old Beijing and the Manchu. However, it is first so that "slander people," fun book, especially cordial and have experience cooking with readers.

Author: Wang Dunhuang
Publisher: life reading Joint Publishing
Publication Year: 2005-12
Pages: 255
Price: 15.00
Binding: Paperback
Series: Busy Corner
ISBN: 9787108023469
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