Zhongwen - Chinese CD1

Zhongwen - Chinese CD1


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July 2007 Second Edition.
This textbook is currently the most widely used in North America , the largest circulation of a suitable primary and secondary school age children of Chinese overseas Chinese teaching . A full set of materials , including 12 books, each with two Textbook Workbook ( sold separately ) and a teacher's guide ( sold separately ) . 12 Chinese students through learning and training materials , you can have the basic ability to read and write Mandarin hear , to understand the basic knowledge of Chinese culture , and lay a good foundation for further learning Chinese language and culture.

Preparation of this material to China and Chinese grammar grade level grading standards outline, vocabulary and kanji Chinese Proficiency Level syllabus and China State Language Commission, the State Board of Education announced the table of modern Chinese characters commonly used as the basis and reference for existing overseas Chinese teaching materials, has been the strong collaboration and the National Association of Chinese Schools Education resource Development Center . This textbook words, phrases , sentences , chapters , etc. will be reasonable, family practice settings progressively, step by step, to teaching and learning, to apply their knowledge to mobilize the enthusiasm of students to inspire students to think , to improve the ability of students to the practical application of Chinese .
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