The Chinese idiom Categories English Translation Dictionary

The Chinese idiom Categories English Translation Dictionary


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This dictionary is a real need for this compilation, the upcoming election into a three thousand idioms categorized according to their meaning, they serve the reader from these categories, "resigned from seeking justice", he needs to find the idiom, and get Bilingual interpretation and translation sentences.
The dictionary election received three thousand articles commonly used Chinese idioms, including part of the popular saying goes.

The dictionary includes 20 categories of classification (chapter), like life, living, people ...... and so on. All kinds into several sections, each preceded by the title, each title are accompanied by English interpretation of the same or similar title following a series of meaningful idiom. Each phrase has pinyin, English interpretation, Chinese and Chinese-English interpretation usage examples. English and Chinese translations are just as clear and concise description of the meaning, not as literal interpretation of the origin or idiom.

In addition to the book "Category Head", "breakdown", the end of the book is still accompanied by "English Category Title Index" to aid the reader, especially the learning and use of Chinese and foreign readers easy and quick access.

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