Textbook for Business Chinese Course-Intermediate Level Vol.2

Textbook for Business Chinese Course-Intermediate Level Vol.2


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This applies to foreign language teaching professionals (trade direction) of undergraduates. Texts selected from current newspapers and magazines in the article, the content of contemporary wealth, involving more than a dozen features from everyday shopping, family financial management to marketing, e-commerce and other topics. Revenue lot of business with new terms, vocabulary usage with Explanations to highlight words. "Syntax Talk" involving grammar and content, focusing on Chinese grammar in place of doing the difficult practical and in-depth explanation. The book will integrate speaking and writing, to read the main topics discussed at the organization on the basis of a lot of reading to improve students' writing skills and advanced level sessions argumentative. Referring to the current practice type matching the HSK exam, the candidate to meet the needs of students.

The texts are selected from current newspapers, covering topics like shopping, family financing and marketing. A large amount of new vocabularies are included with examples while grammar points are explained in details. Based on reading, the book will help students to improve their argumentative writing skills and conversational skills. Moreover, the author consults the HSK test in writing related exercises.  

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