Standard Chinese Course - Part I (Vol.2)

Standard Chinese Course - Part I (Vol.2)


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The materials (including books, two volumes of 6, 2 CDs and audio tapes) automation technology company with Condit planning, foreign language teaching experts compiled Beijing Language and Culture University, Beijing University Publishing House. This material basis of summing up past experience in a variety of basic Chinese teaching materials and teaching effect on the use of the structure - the scenario - a combination of the preparation method functions around the HSK level outline for the preparation of grammar and vocabulary. Text content is extensive, innovative, properly integrated into Chinese culture, history, society, etc., rich flavor of the times. Supporting the CD-ROM contains the English, French, German, Japanese, Han Wuguo languages​​, through video, animation, images, sound and text, etc. I kind of means of expression and a rich, friendly man-machine interface, so that students in a relaxed environment comprehensively improve listening, speaking, reading, writing, and many other capabilities. On completion of this set of materials, learners will reach grade HSK3-5 HSK.
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